Create Your Own Online Operation System In 10 Clicks

An Online Operation System is an interface filled with desktop applications. You can use anytime, anywhere as long as you have a Internet connection. There are plenty of online OS out there that you can use for free, however there might be instances where you want to create your own Online Operation System without coding or downloading any software.

Some people may say “No programming is lazy”. Maybe it is, however who has the time to create an OS from scratch. Traditional operating systems are very complex and could take years of development. Windows XP for example has over 40 million lines of code. Creating and Online OS can be fun and easier. You don’t have to worry about complex driver software, firmware, and capability issues. People will only need a web browser to gain access your OS and no downloading is required. Another amazing feature is none of your hard drive space is use and almost no system resources are used as well.

So rather than trying to completely replace your traditional OS on your computer or on your phone, will be like a portal where you can personalize your online desktop and access web applications online. The OS can be used in web kiosk system and mobile devices as well.

1) Building Your OS – Login to Search 3000

2) Next Click On System Settings


3) You will see a new desktop with icons. Next click on the cpu meter shown below.


4) Next You Will Be Taken To A “Build OS” Menu. You can select either “OS Builder” or “OS Studio” to build your online os. In this tutorial we will use “OS Studio”.


5) Next you will be taken to the “OS Studio 2.0” program.
* Enter your OS Name & Version number.
* Choose your color for Desktop Color, Window/Taskbar Color, And Text Color.
* Choose Opacity 1-100. This option is for taskbar transparency. 100 turns off transparency, the smaller the number the more transparency your taskbar will have.
* If you wish to have a Wallpaper image, just enter the image url.


All done (That was too easy!)
* To test your OS click “Run”.
* To embed in a your webpage click “Get HTML Kernel Code”.
* Click “Get OS Link” to generate a link to add to your website or blog
* Our OS is Free to use!


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